Phoenician Party - Political Party - Specialized in cultural, social and environmental topics.

General Ideology and Rules of the Phoenician Party:


- The party does not interfere with international politics unless topics arise that are related to Lebanon, the Phoenician civilization, support for human rights or climate preservation.


- The party does not accept persons with past convictions or a criminal history. Violation of the law, in general, is considered a disgrace to any citizen, even more so for the Phoenicians.


- The chairman of the party has rights and duties. While he is entitled to present new ideas and make decisions, he cannot impose them without a 60% approval rate from advisory members of the party. 


- Members of the Phoenician Party must be willing and ready to assist law enforcement and the armed forces.  


- Any member who has been reported to be acting in a sectarian manner and employing extremist language will be subject to further investigation. If said member is proven guilty, they will immediately be dismissed from the party.


 - Members of the party are not permitted to cut cedar or olive trees, even if the law says otherwise. Cedar and olive trees are powerful symbols of Lebanon and the Phoenicians, thus must be protected.


 - Environmental conservation is considered a national and moral duty. All members are encouraged to share the same mindset and are required to adhere to this particular rule.


- To best exemplify the ideals of the Phoenician Party, members must be open minded and have a mutual respect for opinions across the board.


- Helping those who are less fortunate is considered a moral duty that must be upheld by all affiliates.


- Hierarchy on an ethnic, sectarian or regional basis is strictly prohibited.